Life and art: which is the real and which is the represented?
Is the latter an effect of the first, or do we imitate and live
by what we created for ourselves in a constant vicious circle?

'The Execution' challenges the genre of pornographic films
by documenting a live performance that displaces homoerotic
shapes and movements onto a different stage.
Sexual positions and body movements are put on a stage and
orchestrated under the spotlight. The mise-en-scène questions
the authenticity of the pattern of sexual interactions and
reaches its core in order to explore and reveal the
performativity of the carnal acts.
Inspired by the volumes and shapes of porn, the actors engage
in a unique choreography that unfolds as the line between
performers and living sexual beings stays blurred.

Will the show go on once the curtain falls?

Part of the MA Photography Final Exhibition Show
at London College of Communication, 15-20 November 2017